What Is A Town Planning Consultant And Why Do You Need One?

As cities and towns continue to grow in terms of size and population, there is increasing demand for professionals that are able to manage these changes. Professionals such as engineers, architects, building surveyors, economists, developers, politicians, scientists, environmental scientists and town planners play a very important part in our future.

Town planners in particular, play a very significant role in developing strategies and designing the communities in which we live, work and play.  A town planners specialised knowledge aims to improve our quality of life and create vibrant communities through innovative town planning.

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What Does A Town Planning Consultant Do?

In basic terms, a town planner is a diversely skilled professional within the building and construction industry. Town planners can be described as a mix of:

  • Designer
  • Surveyor
  • Lawyer

A private town planning consultant can assist you from the beginning of your development project providing advice, liaising with other consultants, assessing your application against the relevant state and local policies and preparing your planning permit application for Council lodgment.

A town planning consultant can act also as the middle person managing and relaying the information back to the clients and local government town planners from the sub-consultants such as:

  • Arborists
  • Traffic engineers
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Land surveyors

A town planner can assist on small scale residential projects, large multi-dwelling buildings, townhouse developments or large scale subdivisions. Essentially, a town planner will work with all the parties involved in a development project to ensure that a proposal has the best chance of success possible.


What Services Does A Town Planning Consultant Provide?

Whether you are a regular property developer or it is your first time developing, seeking the advice and services of a professional town planner could save you both money and time.  Gaining the advice of a town planner during the pre-application stage of your project is an important step in ensuring the success of your project and will assist you to determine if your project is feasible.

If there are foreseeable obstacles with your project, a town planner will be able to highlight these to prevent you submitting a proposal which may not be favourable for approval. Town planners are equipped with the relevant background knowledge and understanding of the local government requirements and therefore will be able to advise you on the changes before an application is lodged to Council to ensure you avoid unnecessary hurdles.

Services that a Town Planning consultant provides include:

Advice Services

  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Due diligence
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Response to show cause / enforcement
  • Town planning advice
  • Pre lodgement meetings


Residential Services

  • Siting variations / concurrence agency assessment
  • New houses
  • House extensions
  • ​Secondary dwelling
  • Carports
  • Dual occupancy
  • Multiple dwelling / townhouses
  • Student/rooming accommodation


Subdivision Services

  • Reconfiguring a lot
  • Block splitter
  • Large scale subdivision
  • Boundary realignment
  • Access easement


Operational Work

  • Pontoon
  • Revetment walls


Commercial Services

  • Retail and centre activities
  • Food and drink outlet
  • Gym and sports facilities


Industry Services

  • New industrial buildings
  • Extensions and changes to existing approvals
  • High impact industry
  • Warehouse


Why Is Town Planning Important?

Town planners make your path in navigating the uncertain and daunting prospects of building a much easier and comfortable experience for you. But this is not where the complex roles and responsibilities of town planning stops.

As large amounts of people move in and around different urban areas all over the world each and every day the important role of  town planning is to ensure that these areas develop in an economical, environmental and an equal way for those populations. As populations grow local councils have to deal with ensuring that there is enough housing, water, energy and removal of pollutions, while also ensuring there is enough fresh food, amongst other things, to go around.

A town planner’s work revolves around these key issues and other issues such as climate change and its effect on the urban population in a bid to make urban areas more manageable and divide the existing resources among the expanding population.

The importance of town planning for society:

  • Planning – It ensures new towns and urban areas are designed in a way that there is an equitable distribution of resources and minimum congestion.
  • Environment – It helps with balancing the needs of business together with the community at large with environmental issues. This is to ensure that human activity does not lead to the degradation of the environment.
  • Protects – It helps protect the areas of interest in urban centres such as historical buildings and buildings of architectural importance from damage and elimination.
  • Policy – It helps in the formulation and implementation of urban policy working with authorities at the local and national levels.
  • Development – It ensures that only the areas that are suitable for development are actually developed.

The important work town planners do is gaining increasing recognition as communities place greater emphasis on liveability, environmental sustainability as well as the design and feel of places and public space. People and decision-makers are also increasingly interested in managing urban growth effectively in order to build a nation worth inheriting for future generations.

The importance of town planning for the building and construction industry:

  • Builders and Developers – To streamline their projects to get Council Approval faster, with less risk.
  • Buyers – Before the purchase of a property to better understand its potential.
  • Architects and Designers – In their design process because town planners have a greater knowledge of any specific legal requirements, and how the Council is likely to respond to a design.
  • Individuals – Take the hassle out of preparing, lodging and managing applications for building projects.

Planning, building or developing property these days can be very complex. The legislation and little details involved in getting Council approval are often in-depth and difficult to navigate. This is where a town planner helps. Town planners essentially work on your project and have the know-how to get council approval for your project.


Different Types Of Town Planning

Town planners play a very unique role in our society and are at the centre of some very complex debates about the places in which we live.  While a local private town planning consultant may help you to achieve your development projects objectives, town planners may also specialise in particular areas of planning that include:

  • Urban development
  • Regional and rural planning
  • Development assessment and land use
  • Social and community-based planning
  • Urban design and place-making
  • Environmental planning and natural resources management
  • Transport planning
  • Heritage and conservation
  • Neighbourhood and urban renewal
  • Infrastructure and services planning
  • International development

Town planners work in a range of areas in Australia and overseas, including:

  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Private consultancy
  • Property development
  • University research and teaching


Olearia Town Planning in Brisbane

Olearia Town Planning provides the Brisbane community with modern thinkers and trusted advisors who aim to provide each of their clients with a tailored approach to achieve their development objectives.

Our registered town planners have many years of senior experience working in both private and public sector roles in the town planning industry including at both the local and state government levels. It is with this local knowledge of the Brisbane area, its regulations and our planners’ extensive experience and innovative modern thinking that you can be confident in Olearia Town Planning as your trusted town planning consultancy firm in and around Brisbane.

We specialise in preparing, lodging and managing development applications around Brisbane and throughout the whole of Queensland. Our aim is to deliver highly innovative, cost-effective solutions across a wide spectrum of services including:

  • Industry Town Planning
  • Commercial Town Planning
  • Operational Work
  • Subdivision
  • Residential Services
  • Advice Services

If you would like more information or are looking for an experienced, affordable and timely town planning consultancy firm servicing Brisbane contact us at Olearia Town Planning.

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