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A Guide to Subdivision – Understanding your Property’s Potential

Planning in the Grey – Subdivision
This document is the first in a series of guides designed to help normal people (i.e. not planners) understand the process of planning as it relates to subdivision.

Can I subdivide my property? Or can this property I am looking to purchase be subdivided? Are some of the most common questions we receive from people on a day-to-day basis. The purpose of the document is to provide a general understanding of the principles relating to the subdivision in Queensland. It aims to provide you with a general guide to assist in narrowing down the subdivision potential of a property, but also inform you on some of key aspects that Council will ask you to demonstrate as part of the application process.

Who is the document for?
Anyone who has an interest in understanding the process for obtaining planning approval to subdivide land in Queensland from town planning students to the general public. It also provides an overview of the types of reconfiguring a lot under the planning legislation. We’ve tried to keep the planner talk to a minimum.

What doesn’t the document do?
It doesn’t definitively tell you if your property can be subdivided – but by the end of it you should have a broad understanding of what to look for to help you at least rule out some of the options. You should always carry out your own detailed due diligence as part of any purchase process, or before committing to extensive (and expensive) technical reporting. If in doubt, call a town planner.

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