Below is our price guide services that Olearia Town Planning provide for sites in Queensland.  The fees are indicative and may vary subject to the detail of your project and number of constraints affecting the subject site. The fees identified include any applicable GST, but do not include additional costs including Council Fees, infrastructure charges, and any supporting information from consultants (reports or plans) that may also be required. 

If there is a service that you require that is not mentioned below, please contact us and we will provide a tailored quote for your project.


ADVICE – $330



This includes a review of a site or potential site and advice on the council requirements including minimum lot sizes and planning implications. 

We can also provide an initial guide on anticipated yield, advising of potential risks for seeking alternate lot sizes (i.e. non-compliance with Council requirements). We will also confirm whether the application will be code or impact assessable, and what additional requirements you may need to meet for the development to address the planning scheme. If you proceed to engaging us to prepare a development application, we will provide a discount on the typical fees to prepare the application. 

Typically we can provide a response within 48 hours of the request being received subject to all relevant information being provided to us. 

This fee relates to sites in QLD only. 

If you require a development application for a subdivision, boundary realignment, access easement or a form of reconfiguring a lot for a development that is less than 10 lots, this is the option for you.  

This service includes preparing and lodging the development application, lodging to Council, managing the consultants (if required), preparing a response to Council’s information request (if required), and reviewing Council’s decision package. 

Typically we can prepare and lodge a development application within 5 days of receipt of the final plans and any required reporting.  We will also need consent from all landowners to lodge the application.  

This fee relates to sites in QLD only. 

We have experience in preparing development applications for large scale subdivisions in excess of 280 lots.  We understand the process for coordinating consultants and reporting for these large scale projects. 

​We have also prepared applications that seek to establish a new zone (variation request or previously known as preliminary approval) including plans of development. 

We will also assist in liaising and negotiating with Council as well as coordinating a response to any information request and further issues.  

Due to the varying nature of multiple dwelling applications we cannot provide a standard fee. Our fee guide is $2,500 – $3,500 to prepare the application and lodge to Council.