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Are you looking for a professional and experienced business that can take the hassle out of preparing, lodging and managing applications for your next building project? Whether your next project is a small scale residential project, a multi-dwelling building, townhouse development or a large scale subdivision, Olearia Town Planning will provide you with the most experienced, affordable and timely city planning consultancy in and around Toowoomba.

Why Choose Us?

Olearia Town Planning provides the Toowoomba community with modern thinkers and trusted advisors who aim to provide each of their clients with a tailored approach to achieve their development objectives.

Our Registered Planners have many years of senior experience working in both private and public sector roles in the city planning industry including at both the local and state government levels. It is with this local knowledge of the Toowoomba area, its regulations and our planners’ extensive experience and innovative modern thinking that you can be confident in Olearia Town Planning as your trusted city planning consultancy firm in and around Toowoomba.

What Services Do We Offer?

We specialise in preparing, lodging and managing development applications around Toowoomba and throughout the whole of Queensland. Our aim is to deliver highly innovative, cost-effective solutions across a wide spectrum of services.

Our city planning services range from small scale residential projects such as house extensions and carports to multiple dwelling and townhouse development, through to large scale subdivisions, mixed-use developments and high impact industry projects.

Our professional range of services include:

Local Toowoomba Advice
• Pre-Purchase Advice
• Due Diligence
• Highest and Best Use Analysis
• Response To Show Cause/Enforcement
• Town Planning Advice
• Prelodgement meetings

Residential Services Around Toowoomba
• Siting Variations / Concurrence Agency Assessment
• New Houses
• House Extensions
• Secondary Dwelling
• Carports
• Dual Occupancy
• Multiple Dwelling / Townhouses
• Student/Rooming Accommodation

Subdivision Around Toowoomba
• Reconfiguring a Lot
• Block Splitter
• Large Scale Subdivision
• Boundary Realignment
• Access Easement

Operational Work
• Pontoon
• Revetment Walls

Commercial Town Planning – Toowoomba
• Retail & Centre Activities
• Food and Drink Outlet
• Gym & Sports Facilities

Industry Town Planning – Toowoomba
• New Industrial Buildings
• Extensions and Changes To Existing Approvals
• High Impact Industry
• Warehouse

Are You Looking for a Town Planner Near You?

In the Toowoomba area, no one has the experience and reputation to match like Olearia Town Planning consultants. We can help with all of your city planning requirements including preparing, lodging and managing applications so you can focus on making your new project a reality. Our expert advice, support and local Toowoomba knowledge can ensure that your project avoids unnecessary and untimely hurdles in the city planning stages.

From offering advice to large scale and multi-dwelling subdivisions, our aim is always to provide a tailored approach which enables our clients to achieve their development objectives.

Ready to make your next project a reality? If you would like more information or are looking for an experienced, affordable and timely city planning consultancy firm servicing Toowoomba contact us at Olearia Town Planning.

The City of Toowoomba was a local government area in the Darling Downs region of QueenslandAustralia, encompassing the centre and inner suburbs of the regional city of Toowoomba. The City covered an area of 116.5 square kilometres (45.0 sq mi), and existed as a local government entity in various forms from 1860 until 2008, when it amalgamated with several other councils in the surrounding area to form the Toowoomba Region.